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The hip joint is a large weight bearing ball and socket joint, which is involved in majority of our body’s movements. The hips keep us upright, allow us to bear weight, walk smoothly, run, jump, kick, play. Since the hips are engaged in nearly every way we move, pain in this area can have debilitating consequences for patients. Although hip pain is frequently the result of osteoarthritis or injury, it can also be a sign of other health conditions.

Chiropractic can help you identify the source of your hip pain and develop a tailored treatment plan for your symptoms. Not only do will we assess the hip joint, but also the low back, pelvis and the lower limb to see if there are any other contributing factors.

We commonly deal with acute sporting injuries of the hip, as well as longstanding wear and tear hip conditions as a result of osteoarthritis and femoro-acetabular impingement among many others.

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