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The hips are a common location of pain and dysfunction, but is it really your hip that is causing the problem?

While there are many hip disorders directly related to the hip joint, it may not be your hip that is the cause of your pain and dysfunction. Several large structures such as the low back joints and pelvis are closely linked with the hip and if dysfunction is present here, pain can be referred back towards the hip. This commonly leads people to believe the problem originates in the hip.

The hip is one of the main weight bearing joints in the body with the main role of creating stability within the lower body during static and dynamic postures. The low back and pelvis work with the hip to create mobility and stability, and if one stops working, it will affect the other.

Pain around the hip can come on suddenly or can slowly appear over time. The treatment for any hip condition will differ depending on the diagnosis, age of the patient, severity of the pain and dysfunction. Whilst there are some hip conditions that are more common then others it is recommended to seek professional assessment in order to start on the correct path to recovery.

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