Dr. Cara IllidgeCara is an experienced chiropractor that graduated from Macquarie University in Australia in 2008 with a Masters in Chiropractic and an undergraduate degree majoring in Chiropractic Science. She has completed postgraduate studies and seminars in pediatrics, functional neurology and is currently completing her Sports Chiropractic diploma. Cara enjoys treating children through to the elderly, and everyone from the office worker to marathon runner!


Cara has recently moved to Galway from Sydney Australia. She is passionate about exercise and how vital it is to maintain a healthy body through chiropractic treatment.


Dr. Cara utilizes the following techniques: diversified manual adjustments, drop table, activator methods, Sacro-occipital technique (SOT), cranial therapy, and active release techniques (specific soft tissue work).



marie-creggMarie Cregg is our wonderful office manager. Marie comes originally from Belmullet but has been a local here in Galway for 16 years. She has been our manager here for 7 years and is very helpful to our new and our regular patients. Should you have any questions regarding chiropractic at all, Marie is happy to help.



From a very young age, I knew my calling in life was to help others. My journey began with my first adjustment when I was 14.


Dr. Laura HemgrenI suffered with horrible menstrual issues and chiropractic care was my only relief!! Not only did my female problems improve immensely, but other GI issues also cleared up. I made the decision to pursue chiropractic as a profession just shortly after starting college. I didn’t truly understand the impact chiropractic could have on health until I began school at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport IA.


Upon graduation, Dr. Tomas and I practiced in England for one year before opening our own practice in Galway, Ireland. We married in 2004 and had our first child, Madelaine, in 2006…born at home. Raising children so far from family was not our intent and we began the process of moving back to the USA.


Helping to restore health through chiropractic care is of huge importance, however practicing for the past 14 years in 3 different countries has also taught me that our society is in need of more. We have NO clear understanding of what it means to be healthy or how our daily choices impact or vitality. I know this from my own personal experience and watching that of my family and friends. Our world needs a wake-up call. And we are ready to take on that challenge! Our aim is to help our patients become ‘HEALthy’…through HEALing. Whether that be with chiropractic care, functional medicine, nutrition and diet changes, we are here to help!