Use of smart phones, computers and video games are resulting in a less then desirable loading of the neck and upper back joints and muscles. These changes affect posture and create significant shifts in load bearing throughout the spine, often termed ‘Text Neck Syndrome’.

Text neck is classified as an overuse syndrome involving the neck, shoulders and upper back. Sufferers experience throbbing, aching, discomfort, often accompanied by periods of catching, sharp shooting pain. As the symptoms continue to progress, many begin to experience fatigue, headaches, jaw problems and visual fatigue.

The average human head weighs 5kg, a considerable 8% of the whole body mass. Research shows that for every 2cm of forward neck/head displacement, the total load (or weight) of the head on the shoulders doubles. This means, if your head translates forward 4 cm’s the mass of your head would become a massive 20kg. As you can imagine, this causes long term, often-irreversible damage such as; muscle strains, joint wear and tear, disc herniation and nerve irritation. This change in load can also play a key role in the early onset of osteoarthritis and flattening of the neck curve or military neck.

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Written by Dr. Meg Gregory